How To Spot A Redneck Girl!

How to spot a true Redneck Girl

Real Redneck Girl Finding Guide!
A Redneck girl is not as classy as a rodeo queen. She is not always well-mannered like a pretty Southern Bell. But she is not a hillbilly by any means. Redneck girls are mostly found in the country, in the woods, or the desert towns off the beaten path. You may find one now and then in the city but she moved there and came from a town you never heard of. How do you know she is a Redneck and not one of the other kind of girls?

Habits of a real Redneck Girl

Real Redneck Girls will have big hair and wear plenty of bling. No matter how much hair, brightly colored hats may be worn. Your typical Redneck Girl reuses her jeans by cutting them into Daisy Dukes and usually is the only woman who can pull of short, shorts and cowboy boots. She cares about her appearance but if there is a mud hole and a challenge is properly brought up, she will drive, run, or crawl thru that mud to win.

Redneck Girls like 4×4 trucks, guns and colorful language.

Redneck girls love their trucks, Jeeps, anything tall with big tires. She has plenty of funny stories and is a blast to hang out with unless you piss her off. Be careful pissing off a Redneck girl, she’s a lady but can swear at you in 3 or 4 languages. Redneck Girls also support the 2nd Amendment and may not only be armed, but able to drive nails with a 44 mag.

Entertaining real Redneck Girls!

When dating a Redneck girl, you can take her somewhere nice. She will adjust and fit in. But, if you want her to like you, take her fishing and then to a bonfire. That’s where a girl can have some fun. Don’t forget the beer and if you want to score big points, have one of our “Redneck Bling” beer cuzzis when serving a real Redneck Girl!

Keep Your Hands To Yourself Unless…

Finally, no matter how sexy a Redneck Girl is, remember that song by the Georgia Satellites if you want both a future and to keep your fingers! If and when you have treated a Redneck Girl appropriately, you will know and never forget. If you do succeed to easy, you probably do not have a redneck girl, but trailer park trash. They might both live in trailers, but one looks it, the other never does.

Gifting a Redneck Girl Means Giving Bling!

You will never go wrong gifting a real Redneck Girl with the proper purses, jewelry, shirts, jeans, hats, and other accessories! Redneck girl must have these things and will appreciate your thoughtfulness with such gifts. For guys shopping for a Redneck Girls is easier because loud colors and animal print are popular!

Finding Redneck Bling For Your Redneck Girl!

Go to Redneck Bling in Old Hangtown, California! There you will find all the items a proper Redneck girl needs to keep herself trendy. And if bringing the boyfriend or husband there is a nice rack full of rude man T-shirts to keep him focused on not worrying how much is being spent. He might find himself a ball cap or two as well. There are also items to help decorate a Redneck house or trailer. Funny, pretty, and interesting things are added all the time!